Local news Vehicle crashes off Umzumbe bridge

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The whereabouts of the occupants of the vehicle is being investigated.

A vehicle went off the bridge at Umzumbe last night (12th) and landed, it seems, on the sand below the bridge.

It’s believed the vehicle, which had been travelling north, smashed through the railing, went off the bridge, fell a distance of some 10 metres, and then probably landed on its wheels (right-side up).

Police spokesman Captain Petros Mpinge said Hibberdene Saps received notification of the incident at 7pm last night. The windscreen was smashed and the front section of the vehicle damaged. The back fender was also damaged and the doors dented.

The vehicle which crashed through the bridge railing and ended up on the sand. Photo: WhatsApp
It seems no one was hurt in the accident, but this still needs to be confirmed by the Saps.

Capt Mpinge said no occupants were found on the scene. “The vehicle is now with the police and will be used in the investigation,” he said.


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