Lockdown: ‘Keep your head up’ – Sheppie High’s Declan

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Port Shepstone High School Grade 11 learner Declan Lloyd is passionate about many things, especially photography where he is a huge help at capturing wonderful sporting frames for the school.

Here is his personal perspective of the Covid-19 experience:

“Lockdown has been very different for me and at times, I think I’ve had to remind myself to trust in God and His greater plan.

“I haven’t let lockdown stop me from doing what I love – such as photography and music and these help to keep my mind away from negative thoughts.

“I would like to say to the school in these uncertain times, we may often feel at a low and unsure of the future ahead of us.

“But I want to remind you to keep your head up because you are strong and you can get through this if you just believe in yourself right now more than ever.”

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