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Durban – After striking up a partnership nearly thirty years ago, South African appliance giant Hirsch’s has renewed its partnership with KZN Cricket with an emphasis on growing cricket in the province.

From their start in 1992 to the present day, the proudly Durban brand has become a mainstay amongst cricket fans in the province and founder Allan Hirsch is excited about what the future holds for the partnership.

“It was a very simple decision to renew our contract with KZN cricket,” Hirsch said.

“We have been associated with them for many years and I must say in the last few years there has been so much improvement.

“Dealing with them has just become a pleasure. The enthusiasm and excitement I feel from them is something that was lacking for a while and I wish them all the best going forward.

“We have had our ups and downs but cricket is my passion and that is why I get involved. It is for the love of the game more than a business decision.”

For Hirsch it’s more about the love of the sport and helping a union that is close to his heart than anything else.

“I don’t look at the partnership as a business decision, it is a passion for me and I can contribute and assist and I am happy to do so,” he explained.

Having seen KZN Cricket grow from where it was post-unification to being the number one affiliate in South Africa is a journey that no other partner has been on and for the team at KZN Cricket having Hirsch’s on board is another major victory.

“We are incredibly proud of being associated with successful KZN brands and Hirsch’s is one of the biggest,” CEO of KZN Cricket Heinrich Strydom.

“They have played a major role in cricket in KZN and their support has been an important part of getting the union into the position that it is today.

“To see a company like Hirsch’s, who were devastated by the recent looting and unrest in KZN, continue to give to their communities is an example of a brand that we want to be aligned with.

“We want to thank Allan and his team and hope that the relationship can continue to grow from strength to strength.”


Article written by: Dave Macleod

Photo credit: Hollywood bets

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