Malema: ‘Keep your government in your zipper’

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Economic Freedom Fighter leader Julius Malema has come out in Defence of Cosatu General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi while urging EFF members to be careful and keep their “governments” inside their zippers.

The Star reported on Monday that Malema mentioned the sexual harrassment accusations against Vavi during a weekend EFF rally in Orlando West. He said Vavi was a victim of a “political onslaught” by the government and the ANC.

“I am warning you here. Try to keep your government in your zipper. There are serious considerations to be made. You must be extremely safe,” Malema reportedly said.   He added that the “enemy” was becoming increasingly brazen in “eliminating opponents.  Vavi is in trouble. He is a victim of a political onslaught, but he made a stupid mistake, because when you are under attack, you don’t do such a thing in the office of the enemy.  This lady says Vavi raped her. But when you are in such a situation, you have to be very careful and not become loose because they always try to discredit you.   Vavi was set up, like many of you. You must be extremely careful. Thank God they didn’t choose me first.  I will learn from him.”

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