Food for real men – savoury, filling and hugely delicious

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Pork ribs, burgers, sloppy Joes, chilli poppers, bunny chows, the perfect fries.

Man food is something that is savoury, bold and massive on flavour.

No messing around here, think big, punchy plates of jaw-gripping food.

Wrap your man-chompers around these 8 dude food recipes.

1. Sticky chicken wings – The best basting sauce ever! with chopped salad in blue cheese dressing.

2. The crowd pleaser burger – juicy ostrich patty, cranberry jelly, cream cheese, beer battered onion rings and crispy bacon bits.

3. Lip-smacking pork ribs – Fall off the bone ribs with a sticky and delicious Moroccan- vibe basting sauce.

4. Bacon chilli poppers –  Try these babies on your next braai – wrapped in bacon for a healthier option than deep fried batter.

5. Posh sloppy Joes – Feel like bolognaise, crispy bacon and cheese on a roll? Yes please!

6. Lamb bunny chows
 – A sweet fruity tender lamb curry stuffed in mini loaves.

7. Cheesy baked Nachos – Spicy chilli mince layered with nachos, cheese and topped with a cheesy sour cream sauce and baked until golden and bubbling.

8. The perfect fries – Top tips to making the perfect fries – golden, crisp and delicious.

Enjoy okes.


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