Margate Country Club results: 29 October to 3 November

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This past week’s golf results at Margate Country Club at a glance:

Firstly, Margate Country Club would like to welcome Colin Penny as a new member to the Club and we wish him many hours of great golfing on our lovely course.

Now then, herewith the result:

Tuesday 29 October, Ladies Competition, Betterball Stableford:
1st Lynn Meek and Maureen Pitcher 45 points oco
2nd Wondra Bothma and Dawn Howden 45 points

Tuesday 29 October, Club 100, IPS:
1st Frik van Zyl 38 points
2nd Adriaan Lemmer 36 points

Wednesday 30 October, The Wobblers, Alliance 2 to count:
1st Thys Bothma, Nico van Vuuren and Eddie Gommersall 81 points
2nd Rolf Spielmann, Frank Merrill and Alan Davies 80 points oco
3rd Konnie Konrad, Bob Weanie and Andre Henn 80 points

Thursday 31 October, Margate Pro Shop competition, IPS:
1st Carlos Pereira 44 points
Nearest to the pin (4th) Robin Shuttleworth
Nearest to the pin (16th) Robin Shuttleworth

Friday 1 October, Business Day, alliance 2 to count:
1st Johan Erasmus, Leon Olivier, Frik van Zyl and Dries 84 points
2nd Wimpie Jordaan, Ernie Janse, Rolf and Agnes Spielmann 83 points
Nearest to the pin (4th) Robin Shuttleworth
Nearest to the pin (16th) Connie McArthur

Saturday 2 October, Club competition, IPS:
1st Arthur Ehlert 42 points
2nd Frik van Zyl 39 points
3rd Robin Shuttleworth 38 points
Lucky Draw winners Graeme Massam and Sydney Shingange

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