Margate Country Club results: 5 to 10 November

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This past week’s golf results at Margate Country Club at a glance:

Tuesday 5 November, Ladies Day, Alliance:
1st Connie McArthur, Evelyn Burls and Maureen Pitcher 72 points
2nd Lexley Lewis, Beryl Williamson and Lesley Erasmus 70 points

Tuesday 5 November, Club 100, IPS:
1st Leon Olivier 38 points
2nd Joe Espach 37 points

Wednesday 6 November, The Wobblers, Alliance:
1st Freddie Boshoff, Keith Pearson and Frank Merrill 85 points
2nd Thys Bothma, Ernie Janse and Piet Pretorius 84 points
3rd Dave Morrison, Hanz Beilhartz and Wimpie Jordaan 80 points
Arthur Tomlinson Floater – Otto Mutschler, Alan Davies and Andre Henn 71 points

Thursday 7 November, Margate Pro Shop Day, IPS:
1st Alan Davies 39 points
2nd Johann Erasmus 36 points oco
Nearest the pin (4th) Angus McLachlan
Nearest the pin (16th) Johann Erasmus

Saturday 9 November, Rotary Sponsor Day, Betterball Stableford:
1st Richard Whittington and Dave Young 46 points
2nd Joe Espach and Mike Jones 45 points oco
3rd Chris Redelinghuys and Dave Young (as ghost) 45 points
4th Mike Lee and Rob Weyer 44 points oco
5th Simon Shusha and Cyprian Xolo 44 points
6th Robbie Myburgh and Tony Westoby 43 points oco
Ladies 1st Hilary Hendry  and Lesley Erasmus
Nearest to the pin (2nd) Grant Peterson
Nearest to the pin (4th) Joe Espach
Nearest to the pin (8th) Robin Shuttleworth
Nearest to the pin (11th) Mike Lee
Nearest to the pin (16th) Sageran Pillay


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