Margate Country Club results: 8 to 13 October

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This past week’s golf results at Margate Country Club at a glance:

Tuesday 8 October, Ladies Competition, Sandi’s Surprise: reverse waltz 3 ball alliance:
1st Grace Fourie, Anita Scheepers and Sandi Johnston 82 points
2nd Lesley Erasmus, Lexley Lewis and Jane Davies 81 points

Tuesday 8 October, Club 100, IPS:
1st Harold Olkers 33 points
2nd Ron Scowby 32 points

Wednesday 9 October, The Wobblers, alliance 2 to count:
1st Hanz Beilhartz, Piet Pretorius and Freddie Boshoff 87 points
2nd Nico van Vuuren, Hanz Dallinger and Frank Merrill 84 points
3rd Dolf Willemse, Johan Hulshof and Louis Gouws 81 points
Arthur Tomlinson Floater Eddie Gommersall, Konnie Konrad and Bob Weanie 68 points

Thursday 10 October, Pro Shop Day, IPS:
Cancelled due to weather conditions

Saturday 12 October, Club Competition:
A Division (medal)
1st Robin Shuttleworth 75 nett oco
2nd Ivan Curlewis 75 nett
B Division (medal)
1st Graeme Massam 68 nett
2nd Rob Weyer 71 nett
C Division (IPS)
1st Thys Bothma 34 points
2nd Des Potts 31 points
Nearest to the pin (4th) Mike Lee
Nearest to the pin (16th) Tony Beech

Saturday 12 October, Ladies Competition, NASSAU format:
First 9 winner Lexley Lewis 21 points
Second 9 winner Anita Scheepers 19 points
Overall 18 hole winner Beryl Williamson 36 points

Sunday 13 October, Mixed Competition, alliance 2 to count:
1st Des Potts, Arthur Elliot, Shannon Gottlieb and Rina Rito 90 points
2nd Ron Scowby, Johann Erasmus, Connie McArthur and Lesley Erasmus 88 points oco

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