Meeting of the Ugu karate minds

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The WKF Ugu karate semi and full contact brass recently held their first meeting to discuss the upcoming year.

The WKF Ugu Karate region is affiliated to Karate KwaZulu-Natal and Karate South Africa and as such, is the only local organisations who can award regional, provincial and Protea colours.

Affiliated dojos headed by the following experts form part of the WKF Ugu Karate Region:

Kyoshi Dave Millar

Port Shepstone:
Sensei Coenie Vrey
Shihan Frank Moodley
Sensei Elsie Pretorius
Sensei Grant Selkon.
Sensei Jay Rambharos

Umzumbe (Full Contact):
Sempai Skhumbuzo Phehlukwa.

Sensei Eden Jackson.

Shihan Pikkas Windell.

Attending the meeting were (from left) Sempai Skhumbuzo Phehlukwa, Morgan Moonsamy (treasurer), Sensei Grant Selkon, Melissa Hogan (committee member), Sensei Elsie Pretorius, Sensei Coenie Very, Shihan Pikkas Windell, Kyoshi Dave Millar and Shihan Krish Reddy.

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