Age is but a number on the racetrack

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Piet Potgieter is well known for his love of both classic and exotic performance cars and bikes. He was good friends with another fearless and respected local biker, the late Brian Moldenhauer. They’ve put many an “outsider” speed bike rider to shame, beating them through our famous Route 22 – riding their BMW adventure bikes.

If memory serves me right, Brian’s record for the fastest recorded and videoed ride, on a speed bike that is, along the 22 was a blistering eight minutes, four seconds.

“Brian introduced me to track racing at a track day at Kyalami in 1997. That was it, I was hooked!

Although Brian attended many track days at the time, he did not race. I did eventually convince him to also start competing in formal racing”, said Piet.

Piet’s fearlessness and passion for racing, has seen him race bikes and cars for the past 20 years – since 1998! Often he would participate in both bike and saloon car racing on the same day.

And, his driving prowess has taken him to many international racetracks, including the Isle of Man, where he competed twice, and Imola.

He has competed in the Knysna Hill Climb and various bike categories, as well as Superbike racing over the years. He has also raced for a British team at Spa in Belgium in the Franco championships. In 2012/13 he, however, decided to race cars only in the VW Challenge.

So there are many stories to tell, and we will bring you some more on this in the not so distant future.

In May 2019, Autodealer Lowveld introduced you to Dawie van der Merwe. At the time, he was making his presence felt on the national racing grid in the VW Motormart Challenge – Class C.

He drove a VW Polo provided and prepared by Lee Thompson and his team. Although the intention was for him to move up to Class A only in 2021, his progress was such that he moved over sooner.

Dawie has now finished grade 12 and is considering various options, including studying or full-time racing. He is currently racing under the banner of Universal Health.

Article from The South Coast Herald :


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