All the details of national enduro double header weekend

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The Liquorland National Enduro Championship picks up speed with back-to-back events next weekend.



Round 4 & 5 the #PayBack Double Header, why Pay Back? Well lets face the facts the National Enduro in Heidelberg was an amazing event BUT without a result it’s deemed a failure. We failed you the riders, teams, families, spectators and sponsors. We want to make it up to you all.

This is what we have install for you.

[one_half]unnamed (1)[/one_half][one_half_last]Yamaha BLuCRu MX Special is the first special on Day 1 (last special on day 2), it’s an amazing MX Track which was once used by another brand/team to do testing on their MX bikes. Believe it or not. The track consists of a basic MX track with an amazing cornering track as an extension. Its approximately 2 Klms long. The track is on a flat piece of land with great spectatorship. Easy spectator access via a road running adjacent to a railway line.

The track will look World Class from Friday when we start grading and reshaping jumps etc. We will set up our Nomadik Tent there for shade as it is rather open to sunlight. We see this as a great opportunity for Yamaha to showcase their Blu CRu brand. The land owner whom owns a Restaurant near the track will set up refreshments track side.[/one_half_last]

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Kargo National Enduro Special: On both days riders will experience this as the second special of the day. The special is approx. 12 Klms long, we need to fine tune and double confirm. The special on Day 1 starts off with a climb up a short rocky climb to the top of a flat rock section which will then head riders up into the foot of this huge and amazing rock face / mountain range (great spectator view); riders will cross over a few rain washaways along some off camber grass sections and start their way to the first proper hill climb of the day.

A long but flowing hill climb to the “Horse Shoe” in the mountain here they will cross over “Baboons Play Ground” and drop down the other side of the mountain and along a magic tech section through, over and around massive rocks. They will then pass another spectator point where they will drop into a 4 Klms long rain washaway, a “Dried up river Bed” full of drop offs, natural paths, river sections, up and down, through some wild tree growth and out the other side where the end of the Special will be. The entire Enduro Special has accessible spectator points and will prove to be a spectacular section to watch the race.

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If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you lost!
If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lost!

[one_half] Leadertread Extreme Special: The first time that I know of where an Extreme Special that is built, marked and in full view of spectators. We will have the start above the App Inn a World Famous Lion Sanctuary Love Lions Project, spectators can line the Picnic area and watch the racing right in front of them. The Track will be +/- 4Klms long in the end and will run up and down the mountain. The Trail is called Whale Rock; it’s an amazing section that will keep riders busy but with a massive smile on their faces. Riders will be riding over massive rocks and testing their trails skills and fear for heights (with sections around which will be considerable longer than the “short tech cut”.[/one_half][one_half_last]unnamed (7)[/one_half_last]

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For more info please refer to
For more info please refer to

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