AfriForum: HCM parking system illegal



The Hibiscus Coast Municipality did not follow the correct procedures to implement the new parking management system. AfriForum has called for a meeting with the Hibiscus Coast Municipality in Port Shepstone to discuss the allegations and the way forward.

Chris Fourie, spokesperson for AfriForum in KwaZulu-Natal, said that AfriForum has been reliably informed that the Hibiscus Coast Council never approved the new parking management system. “A representative only did a presentation to the Council regarding the system, but the councillors were not asked to vote. The municipal officials therefore did not have the authority to proceed with the tender process or to award the contact to a service provider,” Fourie said.

AfriForum requested the Municipal Manager in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act to provide them with the bid documentation relating to the Hibuscus Coast Municipality parking management system

Mike Geiger, Treasurer of the AfriForum Margate branch, said that when he questioned the word “proposed” on the Municipality’s pamphlet at the public meeting held in Margate, the municipal official answered that it has been decided to implement and “proposed” means some changes here and there maybe.

“At this stage AfriForum does not wish to litigate this matter, and thus requests the Municipality to provide us with information that will bring us to a different conclusion,” Fourie said.

Stop the implementation of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality’s Parking Management System. Join AfriForum by sending an SMS with “Margate” to 31336. 50c/SMS.


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  1. Whilst the Municipal Manager will be meeting AfriForum tomorrow on Tuesday, 22 October it must be said that it is unfortunate that they (AfriForum) has issued this statement. It is worth mentioning HCM is confident that all correct procedures were followed. The first resolution was on replacement of Ace Parking was taken in June 2011, and when Management was satisfied that fundamental concerns around the failed Parking System that was managed by Ace Parking were considered it then proceeded with procurement processes (Open Tender) and this was finalised at the beginning of June this year. iTramas won the bid, and the process of engaging with an aim to get comments/inputs started with the presentation that was done to Council (Councillors made comments/inputs). Then public was also invited to make comments/inputs through either public meetings that took place between 30 September and 04 October or through written submissions. The invitation to do this was advertised on the local newspaper, South Coast Herald to be specific.

    The purpose of this, was to allow Council and members of the public to make inputs or proposals that, if possible could be considered during the implementation or operationalisation of the system. Thanks to those who participated because, some valued points were raised and a commitment is made that some will be considered.

    In terms of the informstion requested by AfriForum, ito PoAIA the HCM is free to give that to AfriForum and constant communication between the two are in progress in this regard.

    Having said that I hope the meeting of Tuesday, 22 October will also put AfriForum at ease on this matter and possible they will have ‘a different conclusion’

    Above that some clarities were given in these meetings and wrong perceptions were also put into factual contexts.

  2. In an unrelated issue however still related to Hcm,please can someone investigate the Umbango river.This estuary is highly polluted by effluent from the sewage works upstream.Raw effluent can be seen floating from the bridge.Who polices this?Surely it is contravention of a municipal bylaw to discharge effluent into a stream.Its disgusting and a serious health hazard.This has received attention a number of times and promises made that were not fulfilled.Take a water sample(preferably under the auspices of an Independant source-as Ugu will claim that Afriform contaminated it) and expose Ugu for doing exactly opposite to what they should be doing-protecting our precious water resources!

  3. Mr Elliot, I believe what you are raising is critical and needs urgent attention, I commit myself that I will be communicating this to my counterpart at Ugu. But above that I’ll advise that you also forward this complaint to our customer care unit by sending an e-mail to [email protected] so that it can be logged in and processed to the relevant department and/or Ugu District Municipality officially. This will also assist to ensure that progress on the complain can be traced.

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