Chinese lanterns irk NSRI

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The release of Chinese lanterns on KZN’s coastline is under the spotlight again.
The NSRI has let eHowz!t know that its Shelly Beach sea rescue crew were called out this week following eyewitness reports of red distress flares sighted off Manaba Beach, near Margate. However, the NSRI’s Craig Lambinon says, it was a false alarm. “Our crew prepared to launch our sea rescue craft and NSRI rescue crew were dispatched to respond by road, but on arrival on-scene it was found that these were Chinese lanterns being set off from the beach and these were understandably mistaken by eye-witnesses, from a distance, as red distress flares.” He has urged people not to set off Chinese lanterns around the coast as they are most often mistaken as red distress flares.

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