Mondli Makhanya: We need to transform the workplace now


Like the death toll over holidays, gender-based violence and Friday-night stabbings at shebeens, the failure to move the needle on employment equity has become that frustratingly stubborn issue that we seem to either not have the guts to tackle or not treat with the seriousness it deserves.

Labour and Employment Minister Thulas Nxesi was pulling out his nonexistent hair last week when he spoke during the release of the Commission for Employment Equity’s 2018/19 report

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  1. Bla-bla-bla–racist evil Whites- bla-bla-bla- Evil White males- bla-bla-…
    The same Liberal hateful rhetoric (yawn…)
    But all this is the White male’s own fault. Instead of being a pathetic martyr, he should’ve stood up for himself, his wive and children, and defend their right to exist in a BEE-world, by fighting back against hate-mongering bafoons like this indefensible writer.

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