South Coast accident leaves 25 injured

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Twenty five people were injured in a taxi accident at the intersection of Old Main Road and John Craven Place this (Friday) morning just after seven.

Exact detail to the cause of the accident and preceding events is still speculative, however the taxi that came out of John Craven place was hit in the side by a taxi traveling along Old Main Road.

Netcare 911 paramedics the fire department and several other services arrived at the scene and found the roadway totally obstructed with the twisted frames of the vehicles and accident debris, the patients were found at the side of the roadway. After triaging the injured it was found that twenty one children between the age of six and 12 was injured as well as four adults, one of them a pregnant female.

After the injured were treated at the scene paramedics transported them to various hospitals in the area for the care that they required.

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