Dave Middleton to appeal bail refusal

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Protection Services Superintendent Dave Middleton has decided to lodge an appeal against the decision of magistrate Piet Coetzer in the Port Shepstone Magistrate’s Court on Thursday last week, to turn down his bail application.  When he announced his decision not to grant Middleton bail, the magistrate said that the State had an extremely strong prima facie case against the accused, and that it would not be in the interests of justice to grant him bail.

Middleton is facing at least 15 counts of sexual offences, including rape, sexual assault, sexual grooming of a child, display and exposure of child pornography and intimidation.  He pleaded not guilty to all the charges. The magistrate ruled that Middleton should remain in custody until 13 November while the police investigation continued, upon which date a trial date would be set.

Middleton’s legal representative, Mr. Larry Seethal, told eHowz!t on Wednesday evening that his client had signed power of attorney for the lodging of an appeal to be lodged in the Supreme Court. This would be done forthwith.  Mr. Seethal said it was extremely difficult to give an indication of how long it would take for the appeal to be considered, but in an extremely urgent case it could take two to three weeks for judgement to be given.  Meanwhile, Mr. Seethal said, Middleton would remain in custody in Margate.

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