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The Erasmus family, Rassie, his wife Charmaine and six children, have only been in Port Shepstone for a few weeks.   After having lost everything in Mpumalanga, they decided to move down to the Hibiscus Coast to try and make a new beginning near the sea, which they love.

Initially they lived in a caravan park, but when that did not work out, they looked out for an alternative.  When somebody told them about an abandoned house in Athlone Street, they went there, and although it was not exactly their dream accomodation, they decided to give it a go. At least it was a roof over their heads.  The property was in an atrocious state. The yard was totally overgrown and littered with debris and waste like bottles and plastic bags.  The house was only a shell… had been standing empty for nine years, and had been vandalised……..all electrical features stolen or ripped out, pipes gone, no windows, doors missing, and worst of all, without water or electricity.  The only positive was a stunning sea view.

Rassie was not deterred…..he set about single handedly clearing the overgrown yard.  He sourced old doors, windows and other pieces of second hand house fittings and day by day made the house more liveable.  The neighbours supply him with water for washing and flushing the toilet, and the family cooks their meals with gas. Rassie established that the owner of the property lived in Australia and did not really care about it.  With the help of an attorney he got permission from the owner to remain in the house.   His wife has since  been offered employment. Two of their children go to school, and Rassie looks after the other four during the day while he is renovating the house, slowly but surely.

Because of the unique circumstances eHowz!t decided to highlight their plight in an effort to help them.  What Rassie and his family need are pieces of furniture and other household items, window frames, paint etc. that might be standing around unused in somebody’e else’s garage……..and he will be grateful if somebody could help him get rid of the remaining debris in the yard.

Rassie’s cell number is 079-678-9337, and the address of the property is 15 Athlone Street, Port Shepstone.


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