Video interview: why was Leanne Douglas shot?

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There is still no certainty about what exactly happened when Port Shepstone restaurant owner Leanne Douglas was  chased and allegedly shot dead by police on the N2 near Umkomaas last Sunday.  The Independent Police Investigative Directorate said last week that the policemen saw a woman driving towards Durban at about 7.30 in the evening.  The police were in three vehicles, the IPID said, two of which were marked.   The IPID stated the policemen claimed that the woman, ( Leanne Douglas ), was driving recklessly, and that when they tried to stop her, she sped off.   They then chased her.   IPID spokesman Moses Dlamini said the policemen fired shots at Ms. Douglas’ vehicle.  “She lost control, it overturned and she died at the scene.  It is alleged that the policemen only reported the accident and concealed the fact that they had fired the shots at the vehicle” Mr. Dlamini said.   “The bullet holes were noticed by the police station commander when the vehicle was towed in, and he informed the IPID as required by regulations.” A docket of murder and defeating the ends of justice was opened, but by the weekend no arrests had yet been made.

Leanne was buried on Friday. Her distraught mother, 72-year-old Leonie Luckin, who lives in Durban, told a local newspaper that when Leanne phoned her that evening she was shouting for ‘them’, allegedly the police, to stop pulling out of her vehicle.   Mrs. Luckin said she did not know where Leanne was at the time, but she heard Leanne say that she was not getting out of the car.   Leanne’s mom said her daughter was terrified, and told her that she was being chased by the police.  “She said she was travelling to Durban to see me, she couldn’t talk, and was driving like mad to get away.  When she phoned her daughter back, Mrs. Luckin said, Leanne was absolutely terrified and could barely talk.  The newspaper quotes Mrs. Luckin as saying that her daughter told her “the police are trying to kill me, they have been following me all the time.”  Mrs. Luckin then heard a gunshot and screams.    Mrs. Luckin was later told by Leanne’s lawyer that she was dead.

There have also been reports of recent serious altercations between Ms. Douglas and the police in Port Shepstone.  eHowz!t spoke to Leanne Douglas’s business partner, Fiellies ( spelt Fielis in the video ) Swanepoel, and asked her what she knew about the case.    They were original business partners in the Red Rooster Restaurant at Spiller’s Wharf in Port Shepstone, after which Fiellies went elsewhere, but is now managing it in the interim until a decision on its future is taken……..


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