AfriForum empowers women with anti-rape training

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 Media statement 

AfriForum has rolled out a self-defence training programme against rape for women. The civil rights organisation announced that the first training session will be hosted in Vryburg, North-West tonight in conjunction with Fortis Pro-Active Defence. The training will be offered to all women who are members of AfriForum branches across South Africa.

“The training will empower women. We are tired of hearing about laws and awareness campaigns by government, whilst nothing is putting a stop to rape. Rape is a crisis in South Africa, and women and children are not effectively protected by government. We are stepping forward and giving them the necessary training,” Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety at AfriForum said.

The next training sessions will be taking place within the next month in the Eastern and Western Cape.

Join your nearest AfriForum branch and be the difference. SMS the name of your town to 31336. 50c/SMS.

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