AfriForum impounds illegal goats on Margate farmer’s property

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Statement from AfriForum

AfriForum assisted Ihlathi Protection Services to impound nine  goats that illegally grazed on a farm outside Margate. This, after the civil rights organisation initially accompanied an SABC 2 television crew with the SAPS to Mr Len Pienaar’s farm, Lion Valley – next to the Gamalakhe informal settlement – for footage. But the goats stole the show.

“On our arrival we noticed goats grazing on the property. Mr Pienaar informed AfriForum that he did not give permission for the goats to be on his property and would like them removed,” said Chris Fourie, Community Coordinator for AfriForum in KwaZulu-Natal.

Captain Pretorius of the SAPS confirmed that it was agreed in a previous meeting with the SAPS, Mr Pienaar and the Tribal Authority that Mr Pienaar may impound illegal livestock on his property and the owner of the livestock would have to pay a fine before the livestock could be released by Mr Pienaar.

“The goats were taken to a kraal on Mr Pienaar’s farm for safekeeping. The owner paid the fine and Mr Pienaar released the goats into his custody. The owner of the goats said that he will not let his goats graze on the Pienaar farm again without prior permission. This is another example of how AfriForum protects the rights of our members,” Fourie said.

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