And…action: Curro Creston Pre-Primary buzzing

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Curro Creston Pre-Primary staff and children were so excited to start school again last week.

While there were a few tears and we have all nearly perished in the heat it has been a great few days, setting the scene for an awesome 2020.

We enjoyed Playball and Gymbo demonstrations, as well as welcoming the parents formally at our parents’ information evening.

We would like to extend thanks to the moms who are stepping up as class moms this year, thank you Leonie Flanagan, Robyn Keudel-Schaffer, Kari Rossler and Jerusha Naiker for helping us out.

Swimming starts this week and if the weather continues as such then I’m sure the experience will be more welcoming than scary for some of the not so confident water babies.

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