Bathing banned at three major South Coast beaches due to heightened shark activity

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Margate, Uvongo and St Mike’s beaches are closed for bathing until further notice.

This was motivated by the Sharks Board in the interest of public safety due to the heightened shark activity from the whale carcass at Shelly.

RNM is disposing of the remainder of the carcass today but there are many “pieces” already offshore with ample evidence of sharks “munching”. During times like this, the sharks have heightened activity and can be in a feeding frenzy and will follow chunks right into the surf zone.

The situation will be monitored over the weekend and the Beaches will be opened as soon as it is safe to do so.

The bounty from this tragic beaching of the whale is a wonder to experience and it’s stunning to live in an area where we have such a close association with so many of the ocean creatures! Let’s share our beach with them for a couple of days with pride!

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