Bystanders save man from drowning at Ramsgate beach

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At 18h05, Friday, NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew dispatched NSRI rescue swimmers to Ramsgate beach following eye-witness reports of a drowning in progress.

Police Search and Rescue, Med-Evac ambulance services and Tower 13 Lifesaving lifeguards responded.

On arrival on the scene we found a 26 year old male who had been caught in rip currents was safe on the beach after he was rescued from the surf by a local bystander and by his friend.

It appears that a friend of the man had gone into the surf  to assist his friend and a local bystander had also swum out to assist in a rescue effort. They were able to bring the casualty to shore safely and they are commended for their effort.

The casualty and his friend, both from Springs, Gauteng, were medically assessed by Med-Evac paramedics and they were advised of non-fatal drowning symptoms and would seek medical assistance if later required.

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