Can you touch the sky? Find out at the Ingeli Sky Marathon and Trail Run this weekend

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Can you touch the sky? Why not find out at this year’s Ingeli Sky Marathon and Trail Run, which takes place on the South Coast hinterland on Saturday.

The Ingeli Sky Run has found its home at the stunning Ingeli Forest Resort.

It’s beautiful surrounds offer a trail running paradise, with the Ingeli Mountain range providing the absolute challenge.

This year the event will not only serve up entertainment for those trail-loving mountain goats, but also to those who would rather enjoy the event in a slightly more passive mode by listening to some excellent South African music.

Rory Eliot and Carl Wegelin the lead band singer and lead guitarist from the ever popular South African band Plush, will be rocking to the tunes in the afternoon.

With four distances on offers, just about anyone can enter. The highlight event is of course the Ingeli Sky Marathon, which forms one of the nine sanctioned South African Sky Running® Series for 2015.

It is a challenging mix of forest single track, climbing mountain paths, dirt jeep track and cut grass paths.

The route is designed to pass through the most scenic parts of the area including waterfalls, streams and amazing views.

Runners are taken to one of the highest points on the Ingeli Mountain where as rumour would have it, one’s legs are most certainly put to the test.

Ingeli Sky Run Image - SuppliedThe other events include the 21km Mountain Challenge, which follows the same route as the main event for 12km and then veers off, taking in the plateau atop the mountain before returning to the finish at the lodge.

Not for sissies, although the 21km is the mini version of the full challenge, it should not be underestimated. It is still a rather tough and challenging, yet scenic route to make up for the pain.

The 10km and 5km forest trail events do not venture onto the Ingeli Mountain, but still involve a few climbs and descents through the forested area.

They have been designed for those looking for something shorter with the 5km well suited to beginner trail runners and children.

Walkers are welcome for both of the forest trail routes, and will be spoilt by the wonderful bird life the area has to offer.

The live entertainment from Plush will start at 16h00, once most runners have completed their distances, and craft beer from Basset Breweries will be on sale for people to enjoy.

For those eager beavers, the trails will be available for your use on the Sunday too – or bring your mountain bikes and have a whirl on the trails on your wheels instead.

The event does fall over a long weekend, so make the most of it. Ingeli Forest Lodge are running a special for the weekend.

For more information on these rates, please contact us on or on 039 553 0600.

Don’t miss out on this trail running event, dubbed the ‘green mamba of trail running’, once bitten you’ll be hooked!

To enter please visit

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