Charter boat stranded off Shelly Beach assisted in team effort

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NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew were activated at 14h46, Saturday, 04 January, following a report from Shelly Control for assistance required for a charter boat suffering motor mechanical failure 4 nautical miles off-shore of Margate with 2 crew and 6 passengers.

Our sea rescue craft Spirit of Dawn launched and Med-Evac ambulance services prepared to launch their rescue craft God’s Grace to assist with crew transfer.

A fellow charter boat, Sosume, towed them towards Shelly Beach, and we met up with them and took over the tow.

At the backline, at Shelly Beach, Med-Evac’s rescue craft assisted with 2 transfers of passengers safely to shore and 3 fellow boats took the additional passengers off the casualty boat taking them safely ashore.

Our sea rescue craft towed them through the surf safely to the beach and once recovered, no further assistance was required.

NSRI commend all who assisted in this operation. commend those who went to their aid.

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