Limited space still available for Crocworld walk and talk by top conservationist, Jonathan Leeming

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Crocworld has announced there are still limited slots available for the ‘Bite Me!’ breakfast presentation, ‘Creepy Crawly Walk’ and ‘Venomous Animal First Responder’ talk by renowned South African author, conservationist and professional speaker, Jonathan Leeming.

Anyone who’s interested in participating in any of these delightfully informative sessions – running at Crocworld Conservation Centre on Saturday, 14 March and Sunday, 15 March – are urged to book early to avoid disappointment.

“We are really excited to be hosting the legendary Jonathan Leeming at Crocworld Conservation Centre in March for a really entertaining look at the smallest members of the animal kingdom,” said Martin Rodrigues, Manager of Crocworld Conservation Centre.

“Audiences will get to discover interesting details about spiders, scorpions and other interesting creatures, as well as benefitting from his must-attend first-responders seminar on dealing with bites and stings.”

Leeming, who has authored nine books, consults for the Poison Information Helpline and speaks at medical conferences on the subject of envenomation, first aid, and health and safety policy and procedures. Jonathan brings unique, forward-thinking insight into the subject of venomous animals and the resultant bites and stings.

Bite Me! Breakfast Presentation

“How spiders can help us overcome the challenges of our time.”

Date: Saturday, 14 March

Time: 9am to 10am, followed by breakfast

Cost: R50 per person including a light breakfast

The breakfast talk will focus on the medical importance of spiders and their bites, deciphering fact from fiction while examining values, beliefs, scientific literature, medical data and media portrayal. Jonathan presents the information in an entertaining and interesting manner, outlining how these iconic creatures help us to understand our ever-changing world. For more details on the content, visit

Creepy Crawly Walk

Date: Saturday, 14 March

Time: 3pm to 4.30pm

Cost: R80 per adult, R50 per child under 12.

Jonathan will host a guided walk from Crocworld Conservation Centre in search of his favourite creepy crawlies. There will be a 15-minute presentation before participants set off in search of spiders, scorpions, insects and other small creatures. During the walk, Jonathan will discuss the importance of these creatures, conservation, natural history, medical importance and more. It’s not only an exploration of the smaller animals that creep and crawl, but also an exploration of perceptions towards them. The walk is suitable for all ages, but limited to 50 people. Participants must bring shoes, a hat, sunblock, water and camera.

Venomous Animal First Responder

Date: Sunday, 15 March

Time: 9am to 1pm

Cost: R250 per person (bookings by midday on 14 March)

This seminar will give an outline of the four principles for living and working in areas inhabited by venomous animals, as well as bite and sting prevention. This seminar will also provide the emergency response required to react competently to bites or stings from spiders, scorpions, bees, wasps, centipedes, aquatic vertebrates and aquatic invertebrates. This is essential knowledge for everyone who may encounter a venomous animal, and suited to anyone with interest in the subject, as well as field guides, anti-poaching units and outdoor enthusiasts. All participants will receive a Venomous Animal First Responder certificate.

Bookings for the walk would can be made through Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103, or email Alternatively contact Martin Rodrigues on 078 484 1859.

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