Curro Creston learners enjoy ‘empowering’ Women’s World Day of Prayer event

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Alfred County Presbyterian Church hosted the 2020 Women’s World Day of Prayer recently.

The focus this year was on Zimbabwe and the organizers of the programme invited schools to participate in this year’s service.

Curro Creston learners shared their thoughts on the experience:

“I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and I’m so grateful that I was a part of such an amazing experience. It was extremely empowering and uplifting to see women standing together and empowering each other.” – Alexia Kalamoudacos.

“My experience from Friday, at the World Women’s Prayer, was very spiritual and uplifting. There was a moment where we got to pray with the person next to us, and a lovely lady prayed for me, which did make me emotional and I was appreciative of that moment.“ – Zimbini Pangwa.

“I’m very grateful that I could go to the 90th Women’s World Day of Prayer at the Alfred County Presbyterian Church in Port Shepstone as one of Creston’s representatives. It was so empowering seeing many women in faith unite together to pray for Zimbabwe and its people. The service was made even more special with all four of us being actively involved in the service.” – Claire Haskins.

“It was an uplifting experience and I am really glad I was able to be part of the 90th World Women’s Day of Prayer. It was really special when the lady next to me prayed for me and it was lovely to see all women uniting as one.” – Emily Wyatt-Minter.

Photos: Curro Creston learners (from left) Claire Haskins, Alexia Kalamoudacos, Zimbini Pangwa and Emily Wyatt-Minter.

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