DA: MEC Dube-Ncube must institute Section 139 Administration to avoid further suffering as a result of Ugu crisis



The Democratic Alliance has again written to Hon Dube-Ncube, KZN MEC of Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs, calling for the Ugu District Municipality to be placed under Section 139 administration and the appointment of a capable administrator. The Democratic Alliance has been calling for this course of action for over 2 years. Instead of taking proactive action, MEC Dube-Ncube has rather played petty politics in refusing to hear the voices of thousands of Ugu residents. All the while, the situation has worsened.

The DA call is further strengthened by the ongoing financial crisis within the Ugu District Municipality. The municipality is facing a R10 million monthly shortfall in its budget; Ugu has a monthly income of R28 million yet monthly expenses are R38 million. In addition there is a shortfall in funding for capital infrastructure projects and municipal debtors’ book approaching R500 million. This is also coupled with massively dysfunctional billing system. Thus even those residents who are willing to pay their bills, cannot due to lack of municipal bills.
All of this occurred under the watch of Mayor Chiliza. The mayor with his entire ANC administration has shown itself incapable of turning the situation around. Even in the midst of this crisis, he has remained silent. Under there watch both the water provision and financial situation has worsened. Previous interventions by the provincial government has come to nothing. The current administration cannot be trusted to turn around the municipality.
The Democratic Alliance has proactive steps to inform residents on a framework of making payments and lodging grievances. We hope that this will ensure that at least some municipal services can be rolled out while the DA continues to fight for a permanent solution in the form of Section 139 Administration.
The Democratic Alliance will continue fighting for the following:
  • Immediate declaration of Section 139 Administration for the Ugu District Municipality
  • The appointment of a capable administrator to run an Turnaround Strategy
  • Ugu District Municipality’s bulk water services to be handed over to Umgeni Water for management
Unlike other parties that have only now spoken about the crisis, the Democratic Alliance will continue to fight for all the residents of the Ugu District Municipality, both urban and rural. The Democratic Alliance will ensure that all residents have the dignity of water and sanitation services.
Dr Rishigen Viranna MPL
DA Ugu Constituency Head

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  1. As long as the DA is calling for the institution of Section 139 Administration , it will never happen, because that will be seen tantamount to the DA dictating terms to the anc. All of the present hierarchy of UGU owe their positions to their relative positions on the anc totem pole, not their actual suitability for their positions, or capability in those positions. The hegemony that is the anc does not function on individual competence, but unwavering and unquestioning obedience to the anc. Until the long suffering populace resort to the only means of communication that the anc understands, i.e. burning and destroying UGU infrastructure, will the petition succeed.

  2. It unacceptable – what r ratepayers paying for. Water a human rights.. guess all money is used for more corrupt purposes

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