Ex-drug addict shares his powerful story with Sheppie High learners

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Steve Hamilton visited Port Shepstone High School last week to talk to learners about his life experience and the dangers of substance abuse.

Steve has been working in South African schools, colleges and companies for over 20 years, and more recently in countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland fighting a steadily growing drug pandemic.

During the course of his work he has received numerous awards from various service organizations, one of which was an ‘International Citizen of the Year’ award by Lions International.

He is also regularly asked to contribute his views on the topics of drugs, alcohols abuse and AIDS on radio, television and in media publications. He has published a book “I Want my Life Back” which is in its ninth print run in South Africa. It was also published in the USA in all 52 states in March 2004.

He has lectured psychiatrists, psychologists and other medical professionals and has assisted many companies in dealing with the above-mentioned topics.

“Drugs don’t discriminate. They ask no name, title, ethnic group, faith belief or gender. They infiltrate every strata of society and respect no country’s boundaries. They obey no commandment but their own law of greed, death and destruction. They have many names, forms, faces and colours.

“Society is facing a relentless attack on our youth. Our future leaders are targeted by a ruthless and destructive master of disguise and death. Drug addiction generates crime and destroys our communities,” said Hamilton.

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