Father and son help swimmer, lifeguards ashore in Port Edward



At 09h20, Saturday, 14th April, NSRI Port Edward duty crew were activated following reports of a drowning in progress at Silver Beach, Port Edward.

Police Search and Rescue and KwaZulu Private Ambulance services responded and NSRI Port Edward crew towed our Discovery Rescue Runner to the scene.

On arrival on the scene we found all persons involved safely ashore.

It appears that a 51 year old Nelspruit man was swept out to sea by rip-currents. 2 lifeguards on duty at the beach launched into the surf and reached the man but they were unable to get back to shore against strong rip currents.

Dave Stern, aged in his 50’s, and his son Luke, 13, (from Durban and who are regulars at Port Edward), witnessed the lifeguards and the casualty caught in rip currents and they called NSRI to raise the alarm and then knowing that NSRI were on their way they voluntarily grabbed 2 lifeguard Malibu rescue boards from the lifeguards post on the beach and they launched into the surf and were able to rescue the casualty and assist both lifeguards and all 5 reached the beach using the Malibu rescue boards.

The casualty was medically examined by paramedics and he was found to not be injured and no further assistance was required.

Dave and Luke Stern are commended for their actions taken today.


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