Resident spots Gymnogene pair in Margate – video

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bird-1It appears that we may have a budding relationship in Margate. The two Gymnogenes captured on video may be practicing for the big day. Previously known as the African Harrier Hawk, these two spent about an hour dancing in the skies. According to Roberts Birds of southern Africa, the high-pitched wheep-wheep indicates that they are near their nest. With the breeding season being June to November, in the mating dance the female rolls over in flight, and touches talons with the male?

If you are in the area, check the skies occasionally for the exquisite beauty of this beautiful, easily recognisable bird which appears to have made this his home. Birdlovers, your comments are welcomed, especially in relationship to the dance.
Unfortunately the video footage had to be kept to a minimum, what an honour to have been able to witness and film the event.

Should you know where they are nesting, please contact us, it would be wonderful to capture the event.


Posted by user Bev Bisset.

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