Lifeguards save two in trouble at TO Strand

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At 09h00, Saturday, 20th April, NSRI Port Edward duty crew were activated following reports of a drowning in progress at TO Beach, Port Edward.

Our sea rescue craft Wild Coast Sun Rescuer was prepared to launch and Tower 13 lifeguards, Police Search and Rescue and Med-Evac ambulance services responded and NSRI Shelly Beach dispatched a rescue team.

2 Tower 13 lifeguards swam after the 2 casualties, adult males on body boards, in heavy surf conditions of 3 to 4 meter breaking swells.

On reaching the casualties and using the floatation of the lifeguards rescue torpedo buoys and the added assistance of the floatation aid of the 2 body boards between the 4 of them (the 2 lifeguards and the 2 casualties) they were able to negotiate the strong currents, wave wash and heavy swells to reach rocks and were able to get to safety and then safely made their way to the beach.

No one was injured and the Tower 13 lifeguards are commended for this rescue.

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