Local NSRI assists Vasco da Gama race yacht and ski-boat

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Statement by NSRI Port Edward deputy station commander Marlene Livingstone:

At 07h38, Friday, 27th April, NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from the Vasco da Gama yacht race yacht Wallbanger reporting damaged sails and requiring extra fuel to assist the yacht, with 3 men onboard, to motor as far as their destination, East London.

After making arrangements to get fuel for the yacht, at 07h50 we received a request for assistance from a ski-boat with 4 men onboard taking part in a local Marlin angling competition and requiring assistance for motor mechanical failure.

Accompanied by a boat motor mechanic and extra fuel we proceeded aboard the sea rescue craft Wildcoast Sun Rescuer to the ski-boat to deliver the mechanic. We then went to the yacht to transfer the additional fuel and returned to pick up the mechanic who had managed to repair the boat motors of the ski-boat.

No further assistance was required and we returned to base.

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