Lower South Coast SPCA addresses cat trapping allegations

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The LSC SPCA has come under fire regarding comments on Facebook that we are trapping cats and putting them to sleep. This is not true.

Our Members of Inspectorate did not trap during lockdown and only helped out a Feral colony caregiver by trapping and releasing at the Margate pier.

At the moment we only do trapping if it is an emergency as cruelty to all animals are unfortunately high.

The person that trapped the cats, and that was subsequently brought to the SPCA for euthanasia was the owner of the cats. She asked some of her employees to trap.

She resides in Oslo Beach. She will however not continue trapping as we will help her out in late June.

Unfortunately we cannot go against an owner’s wish to euthanize.

It is apparent that someone is trapping cats. The matter will be investigated.

All animals’ lives matter and the comment regarding the LSC SPCA not caring for other animals, such as monkeys, are unsubstantiated as we work closely with CROW and on a regular basis take injured wildlife to them.

The NSPCA only accepts CROW as a rehabilitation centre and we have to abide by the rules.

We are investigating the disappearances of cats and dogs in our area. At the moment we can only inform the community to be vigilant as we do believe that there is a white car stealing dogs and cats for dog fighting. Unfortunately this is all the information we have at the moment.

Regarding cat traps at the Whale deck in Ramsgate, the SPCA has not set any traps there.

The Whale deck has a surveillance camera that is linked to the Ramsgate CPF and it would have been reported.

Please feel free to make an appointment with management if you have any further questions.

The LSC SPCA Management Committee recognized the need to help out all animals in need. We care for all animals, not just cats and dogs. We will investigate the disappearance of the cats and dogs as well as unqualified trapping.

As a warning, if you want to trap cats, there are certain protocols to follow. If not, we will use the full extent of the law to bring justice to all animals that was treated in a cruel way.


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