Lower South Coast SPCA success story brings joy in dark times

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The Lower South Coast SPCA is being tested like never before during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Staff members, dubbed Ark Heroes, have been working passionately throughout the national lockdown, caring for the animals at the society as well as going out on assignments.

This, despite the drastic financial implications of the lockdown, with the charity shops, clinic and adoptions only given the green light to reopen recently.

Locals have shown their support through donations, but a desperate need for funding and pet food persists.

There’s been a rise in animals being hit by cars, others have been trapped in snares and there’s been no shortage of abuse cases.

However, the story of Hope is one that makes all the struggles worth it, as the pooch went from being on its last legs two months ago to entering a loving home last Thursday.

Dalene Erasmus from Lower South Coast SPCA shared Hope’s journey in a social media post, saying, “Driving to Port Shepstone Charity Shop, I found this doggy walking alongside the road. She had no spirit or will to live. Lynn-Dee van Eeden stopped and helped me load her into the bakkie.

“I was extremely scared she would bite but she was just so placid. She would not even drink water on this 32 degree summer’s day. At that moment, Lynn and I fell hopelessly in love with Hope.

“Back at the unit, she would not even walk. We carried her. She was not sick – she just gave up on life! She definitely escaped from a terrible life. Thin and in a very poor condition. I knew her family would not come looking for her. They definitely did not care for her.

“The veterinary staff immediately examined her. She was vaccinated and dewormed. The seven days passed and nobody came to look for her. Lynn sent messages frequently and we decided to give Hope a chance to be adopted by a wonderful loving family.

“She was very thin and could not stop eating. Chemane spent time with Hope and for the first time in a very long time, Hope experienced love. All of a sudden, her life changed and Hope had a future but then the Covid-19 pandemic caused lockdown in South Africa. Another tragic setback. Hope could not go home.

“She is such a gentle animal. Today, Hope went home! Thank you Lynn for helping me save Hope. I pray her time on earth allows her to erase all the bad memories, days of hunger and loneliness in a very cruel world.

“May your journey together be filled with love, joy and happiness. Enjoy Hope!”

To support Lower South Coast SPCA, use the following details to make a donation:

Bank: Nedbank
Branch code: 198765
Acc Name: LSC SPCA
Acc no: 1184618100
Ref: Name/Covid19

For donation queries, contact Erasmus on 063 404 4382.


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