Lower South Coast SPCA’s grim discovery leads to arrest

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On Saturday 2 November 2019, the LSC SPCA received a cruelty complaint regarding two dead domestic animals. Newly qualified Inspector Werner Taljaard (pictured) was called to assist with an investigation regarding the brutal killing of two domestic animals in a local town. Inspector Taljaard was shocked at what he found.

The animals had been beaten to death with a knob kierie, and thrown down a sewage pit. Inspector Taljaard dug deep and collected the two little bodies out of the pit and took them to a local veterinarian for an autopsy where the sheer cruelty and pain that these two animals suffered before dying, became clear.

Inspector Taljaard went to the Izingoweni Police Station where he opened a case of cruelty to animals against the so-called perpetrator. Members from SAPS assisted Inspector Taljaard to arrest the suspect.

The local man was charged with cruelty to animals as was held in the local police cells over the weekend. He appeared in court on Monday, 4 November 2019 and he was denied bail until the next hearing. The suspect’s next appearance in court will be on the 12th of November 2019.

Inspector Werner Taljaard.

SPCA Inspectors go through rigorous training at the NSPCA, learning about the law and animal welfare but nothing can fully prepare them for experiences such as these. Our Inspectors respond to all calls and worked throughout the weekend to make sure that the case is strong.

This cruelty investigation proves how dedicated the LSC SPCA Inspectors really are. Although Inspector Taljaard took lead on this investigation he was supported by other members of the Society, we thank them for their dedication.

Our Society has been without inspectors for almost 3 years and we are ecstatic about our two inspectors, Inspector Maduna and Inspector Taljaard. Inspectorate is the heart of any society and after a year and a half under new Management and a new Committee we are pleased with the growth in inspectorate.

At the moment our inspectorate team consists of 5 members, who are dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals, but also form a close bond and are always there to assist when another member is not available.

The Lower South Coast SPCA thanks the community for not keeping quiet and exposing cruelty to animal and thanks the community and SAPS who made sure that the suspect was arrested.
The LSC SPCA will not tolerate any cruelty to animals and will go above and beyond to fight for the rights of the voiceless.

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