Man having seizure, two charter boats assisted by NSRI Shelly Beach

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NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew twice came to the rescue on Saturday.

At 12h15, NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from the charter boat C-Freaks reporting a 29-year-old man from Bloemfontein having a seizure on board.

“The incident happened off Lucien Beach about four miles south of Shelly Beach,” said Shelly Beach Station Commander Jeremiah Jackson.

“Our duty crew was asked to wait at the Shelly Beach launch site for the patient as C-Freaks was en-route with him to Shelly Beach. We checked his vital signs and transferred him from the charter boat to an ambulance. He has been admitted to hospital in a stable condition.”

Then at about 12h40, Sonny Evans Small Craft Harbour Control activated the duty crew to assist the fishing charter vessel The Greatest Catch which was reporting engine failure off Uvongo, two miles south of Shelly Beach.

Jackson said, “A light South Westerly was blowing, visibility was good and the swell was one to two metres. Our Sea Rescue boats Spirit of Dawn and Caltex Challenger 2 which were on exercise at the time responded and met with The Greatest Catch off Uvongo.

“Two passengers were transferred from The Greatest Catch to Caltex Challenger 2 and three passengers onto Spirit of Dawn. All were safely brought back to Shelly Beach.”

The Sea Rescue crew was able to get The Greatest Catch’s engines going and Jackson remained aboard with the skipper until they safely reached Shelly Beach and needed no further assistance.

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