NSRI Shelly Beach assist not so ‘Lucky’ boat

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NSRI Shelly Beach assisted a stranded fishing vessel of Shelly Beach on Wednesday.

Jerry Jackson, NSRI Shelly Beach station commander, said: “At 10h50, NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew were activated following a request for assistance made to the Shelly Beach control from the fishing vessel Lucky Sands reporting one of her two motors suffering motor failure.

“We launched our sea rescue craft Spirit of Dawn and met up with them on the backline, off-shore of Shelly Beach, and transferred four of her crew onto our sea rescue craft and brought them to shore and returning to fetch a further four crew and they were also brought ashore aboard our sea rescue craft.

“The skipper and one crewman remained on the casualty boat and they were able to bring her in on one motor safely without incident and no further assistance was required.”

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