NSRI Shelly Beach swoops to fishing boat’s aid

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The NSRI Shelly Beach duty crew launched the sea rescue craft Spirit of Dawn at 09h20 on Sunday to assist fishing boat Fishfull Thinking with five crew onboard after it suffered motor mechanical failure to one of its two outboard motors just off the backline at Shelly Beach.

The skipper of the casualty craft was not willing to bring his boat ashore under one motor with the remaining four crew onboard and he requested assistance from the Shelly Beach launching site control who alerted NSRI.

Four crew were taken off the fishing boat onto the sea rescue craft; the skipper remained onboard his casualty boat and was able to bring his boat safely ashore under the power of the remaining one motor.

The remaining four crew were brought ashore aboard the sea rescue craft without incident and once all were ashore, and the boat, no further assistance was required.

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