NSRI Shelly Beach ‘take the bull by the horns’

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This past weekend saw NSRI Station 5 Durban host the annual KZN Regional Training event.

Attended by Station 32 Port Edward, Station 20 Shelly Beach and Station 19 Richards Bay, cross training, skills sharing and social interaction were the objectives of the event.

The event opened on Friday evening with a fun obstacle course where teams of five members represented their respective stations and were required to run, climb, swim, deploy a throw-line and traverse a zip line. The event provided much entertainment for the spectators and was won by Station 5.Saturday’s events started early with breakfast at 06:00 followed by rotating the teams through one hour training activities which included, First Aid, Small Boat Handling, Ropework, Fire Fighting, Navigation and 4×4 driving skills.

A high level of interaction and participation was maintained throughout the varying skill levels of attending crew, from trainee to seasoned coxswain. Friendly competition and a healthy supply of practical jokes made the day even more enjoyable.

After lunch, the teams put to sea on a variety of rescue craft to conduct pacing, navigation, local knowledge and other general seamanship training. The day was concluded with a large scale disaster scenario which tested the teams in managing the response to a complex and multi faceted rescue operation.

The event concluded with a constructive debrief followed by the presentation of prizes to recognise participants who left a lasting impression on the trainers. A floating trophy made by Station 5 aptly named “Take the bull by the horns” was won by Station 20 Shelly Beach.

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