NSRI spring into action after vessel capsizes at Shelly Beach — photos

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At 15.10 on Sunday, the duty crew had closed the base and were preparing to go home as most of the boats that had been out to sea had returned and we could see the last three on the backline.

One of the crew members glanced out if the window and noticed that one of the vessels on the backline had capsized.

It was an aqua-quad that we had noticed launching that morning.

Luckily, the two other boats in the vicinity went to assist and we launched Caltex Challenger ll to assist.

The skipper of the stricken vessel was taken to shore and we proceeded to right and return the aqua-quad to shore.

It could not be done under tow as the hull was waterlogged so we rigged the tow rope to tie the vessel to the starboard of our vessel and brought them in attached together.

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