Paramedics save newborn South Coast baby’s life

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On Tuesday at approximately 5:30pm, Kwazulu Private Ambulance Service was called to Gamalake location to assist with an abandoned baby.

Thankfully, when paramedics arrived they found that the baby had not been abandoned. However, the mother had delivered the baby in an abandoned house where she had gone into distress, and with no medical attention, was unable to attend to her newborn baby. Community members found her and quickly phoned Gamalake SAPS who then went to the scene and called emergency medical services.

Paramedics found the baby to be in distress from a lack of oxygen. They treated the newborn baby and managed to stabilize the baby on scene. The baby and mother were transported to the local hospital for further treatment.

The quick actions of the community and the Gamalake SAPS saved the life of this newborn baby.

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