Pensioner scammed out of savings in Port Shepstone

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A 64-year-old pensioner from Oshabeni was scammed in Port Shepstone out of withdrawing a substantial amount of money on 21 January by a man pretending to be a police officer.

The man claimed that the pensioner had been touched and that his money would mysteriously disappear if the necessary intervention was not done.

He allegedly pretended to take the pensioner to the police station in the pretense of assisting him, after making him withdraw the cash from the bank and placing it in an envelope.

The pensioner was thereafter left at the taxi rank and when he checked the envelope, it was full of unused lotto tickets. The unknown man was driving a white sedan, make unknown.

The person in the picture may be able to assist police in the investigation of this fraud case. Detective Constable Joshua Rajoo can be contacted on 039-6881293 or 0618703138 with any information.

Police would like to caution the public, especially the elderly, to be careful at all times when withdrawing cash. The police will not request the public to withdraw cash for any reason and not to accept help from strangers regardless of how convincing they may appear.

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