PHOTOS: Fire sparks rescue mission at Lower South Coast SPCA

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At 15H23 Friday afternoon Netcare 911 Advanced Life Support paramedic Tanya Grobler heard about an out of control bush fire burning near to an animal shelter in Quarry Road Uvongo on the KZN South Coast.

Tanya raced to the scene to find a large community presence offering assistance in moving the animals to a place of safety as the smoke had caused minor breathing problems to a few of the animals which all except one were found to be perfectly healthy.

A grey feline had suffered the effects of smoke inhalation needed to be nebulised on scene eventually making a full recover and given the all clear by SPCA officials.

Five members of the community had to be treated for minor smoke inhalation on scene but were found to be in a stable condition.

It is believed the fire had started at a rubbish dump close to the property which spread to the bush.

The Fire and Rescue Services were on scene to douse the flames.

Well done to shelter officials and the Uvongo community members who offered assistance.


The staff and committee of the Lower South Coast SPCA would like to thank everybody that came out to help us fight the fire that threatened our SPCA and helped move animals to safety.

The fire was brought under control just in time as it burned against our boundary fence causing massive smoke billows through the Kennels. Due to the quick evacuation of the affected kennels, no animals were harmed but one of our free roaming yard cats did suffer from smoke inhalation but is stable for now. A few of our bravest members of staff on the frontlines did suffer from smoke inhalation and required medical assistance.

The massive support from local businesses like Wolf, Tightlines, Rica Fire and every kind and caring individual brought such relief and joy to us. Thank you for standing with us in a crisis we are so grateful to you all!”

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