PHOTOS: Gamalakhe’s got talent…and heart

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Local youth showcased their talent at KwaXaba Community Hall on Heritage Day.

Organised by Gamalakhe Ward 27 secretary Nhlanko Malishe, the event formed part of a gender-based violence awareness campaign.

The day was filled with entertainment, including poetry, music, drama and the taking up of the Jerusalem dance challenge.

“It was amazing! I was not expecting such great performances,” said Malishe.

The youth also joined in prayer for victims of abuse.

“I had tears in my eyes listening to kids reciting poems about violence kids are faced with on a daily basis.

“Hopefully, we can get sponsors, which will enable us to hold another event.

“I’d also like to appeal to any good Samaritans who can donate printed T-shirts for our campaign group,” he added.

To support the campaign, contact Malishe at 0788710942 or

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