PHOTOS: Little left of South Coast beaches as downpour continues

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All our beaches, Uvongo, Lucien and St Mike’s, suffered extensive damage due to the floods. It will take weeks to remove the debris and months for nature to re-establish them. Uvongo Beach is 80% gone. More heavy rain expected today. Please take care out there today.

Well-known local and Port Shepstone Lion Denis Meyer shared photos of a flooded Pont, saying, “Hi everyone. Unfortunately The Pont was flooded as a result of the heavy rains that were experienced during the past couple of days. Over 300mm of rain has already been measured there.

“It is still raining and a further 130mm is predicted for today. The swimming pool was totally overwhelmed and will have to be drained and cleaned. Pub and restaurant are also flooded and the restaurant deck is literally floating! Huge cleanup operation on the cards.”

Community member Lana van Zyl shared the video below with eHowzit:


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