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  1. I am having trouble trying to get someone in the RKN Roads dept and even someone in the UGU system to answer a telephone so that I may report a major road section of damage plus additional damage by the Ugu water department. Phones are just not answered.
    Clarence Lane in Ramsgate was severerly damaged during the heavy rains in April this year and no effort has been made to repair the road. Only recently the UGU water dept. excavated a large hole in the road trying to find a leak in a pipe. They have obviously made other arrangements since then as the leak has been repaired, but the massive hole remains and is quite hazardous if the road is used by anyone who does not know about the hole.
    Since Wednesday, the 07 Aug. a manhole cover has been removed and a large hole is present in the middle of the road, and will result in serious damage should any vehicle strike it.
    One wonders just where we are going when we have put up with type of service from the authorities for which we pay in the form of Rates and Taxes.
    They give the impression that they don`t give a dam so long as they get paid .
    The UGU and RKN authorities should be taken to task for the poor “call centers” and follow up with efforts made to point out problems.

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