First of its kind Race the Wild Coast horseback adventure

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The 22nd October 2016 sees the launch of Race the Wild Coast: a wildly exciting new breed of horse racing.

Set to challenge the endurance of any horseback adventurer, riders and teams from all over the world are descending on the small town of Port Edward on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast in preparation for the early morning start on Saturday.

Riders, with teams of three horses each, compete for victory over 350km of rugged paradise on the remote and unspoiled east coast of South Africa; navigating through this challenging wilderness, swimming across rivers and keeping horses fit for vet checks in this complex multi stage race.

There will be two horse changes at prescribed points: 123km and 209km into the race respectively. Each stage ends with a vet check for the horses (approximately every 40km) and a rider may only continue without penalty if their horse passes the vet check.

There are no less than 13 international competitors in this year’s inaugural event who will be making their way down the coast from Port Edward to Kei Mouth over a maximum of five days.

Riders must be able to demonstrate that they are physically fit, confident swimmers and be comfortable in the wilderness, alone and self-sufficient and of course, expert at GPS navigation.

Whilst a recommended track with alternative routes will be provided on GPS to aid navigation, there will be no route markings on the ground. The race window is a total of five days with the organisers expecting the winner to finish early on the fourth day.

Commencing in Port Edward on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, according to Media liaison for Rockethorse Racing, Dominique Kotzé, there is nowhere else in South Africa that one can experience this level of adventure on horseback; a complex combination of endurance, horsemanship, navigation and strategy, all set in a sub-tropical paradise that will both enchant and challenge. The first major challenge, after an initial 20km of idyllic beach riding, will be to cross the Umntentu River at the mouth.

There will be three horses per rider, with vet checks every 40km and two horse changes along the way. The stops include Msikaba, Mbotyi, Agate Terrace, The Kraal, Hluleka, Mdumbi, Hole in the Wall, Bulungula, The Haven and Kob Inn.

In total, there are approximately 75 people involved in the actual race. This includes the organisers, crew, volunteers, vets and competitors. This is the first event of its kind in South

For further information, please contact Dominique Kotzé on or visit


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