SA entrepreneur inspires Sheppie High ahead of Atlantic adventure

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South African entrepreneur Grant Blakeway recently visited Port Shepstone High School as part of his School4Sea campaign.

Blakeway will in December row 4 800km to shine the spotlight on the devastating effects of plastic pollution on marine life.

The entire school body of Port Shepstone High School is still so overwhelmed by Grant’s commitment and vision!

Being able to hear him speak and convey the dire state of our oceans and what inspired him to embark upon this arduous journey will hopefully inspire all of us to make a difference.

He will be embarking on a dangerous quest to row SOLO across the Atlantic ocean in December… a total of 4 800km!

PLEASE help to support his mission to help alleviate the enormous earthly burden of plastic pollution. This man is the epitome of what the term hero truly stands for… he is putting his heart, body and soul on the line for those who need to hear this message of NO MORE PLASTIC!!!

Blakeway commented, “A big thank you to the staff and students of Port Shepstone High School for giving me the opportunity to speak about my School4Sea campaign.

“It was amazing to see so many young people willing to stand up and make a difference for the conservation of our oceans! Lots of questions, lots of enthusiasm, and lots of green ideas! Thank you all for your support, kind messages, and words of encouragement.”

For more information about Blakeway’s initiative, click here.

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