Sardine activity south of Port Edward: Latest report from Sharks Board



Friday 21st June 2019

There has been an increase in sardine related activity between Manteku and Mbotyi over the
past few days. One of the dive operators in that area, Walter Bernardis, reported that they had
seen birds and dolphins feeding over an area that covered about 10 rugby fields, which was
amazing to watch. Most of this action took place on Wednesday but it had dispersed by the
next day. He did report that they thought this was the first pulse of sardines which had gone
past towards KZN. There is a frontal system approaching, so hopefully this keeps pushing the
fish North.

We have just heard from a Commercial Skiboat which has steamed from Port Edward to Water
Fall Bluff. There has been is a definite increase in action in the Luphuthana Mouth area, which
could be the fish which was at Mbotyi on Wednesday. There is also Common Dolphin activity
off Waterfall Bluff which is always a good sign.
Please keep in mind that most of the reporting and feedback we are receiving is in the inshore
areas, so as we all know there is always a possibility of being surprised anywhere by fish
which have moved through undetected in the deeper waters.

These fish are very unpredictable and have always kept us all guessing about the movement.
There are always numerous opinions but one seldom guesses right when it comes to sardines.
Let’s hope that some of this activity arrives in KZN sometime this weekend.
The KZNSB will continue to monitor activity in the days ahead.

Greg Thompson
Acting: Head of Operations




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